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A Beautiful island of Art and Spa in the Seto Inland Sea

shodshima is a beautiful island in the seto inland sea.
For its beauty of the sunset, awareness of Shodoshima is rising in the world representing art where the Setouchi International Art Festivals have been held in recent years.
Shodoshima is also known for its great quality of hot springs where you can heal your body and soul.



Shodoshima is a remarkably beautiful island among many islands in the Seto Inland Sea and its beauty stands out even more in the sunsets.

The sunset view from the Olivean Shodoshima Yuhigaoka Hotel is famous in Japan and chose to one of the top 100 beautiful sunsets. Also, one of the leading economic news papers has chosen Olivean Shodoshima Yuhigaoka Hotel as a beautiful sunset view hotel.

As “Sunset Champagne Service”, Hotel serves complimentary champagne and orange juice in the lobby on the day when the sky is clear to watch the beautiful sunsets.

Ancient Natural Hot Spring Gushing

Ancient Natural Hot Spring Gushing From Deep 2,000 Meter Underground.

While Shodoshima is an island floating in Seto Inland Sea, it is a gold mine of hot spring qualities and efficacy types which vary depend on the location where the hot spring is gushing from. Among these, Our hot springs gushing from deep 2,000 meter underground of the Hotel is known for creating beautiful skin for its filtered rain water from 300,000 years ago with pH 9.0 spring quality.

Have a relaxing time while enjoying a grandstand view of beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea setting off against the beautiful sunset.

Slow life-style cultivating the concept of the old-fashioned way of unique Japanese culture still exists as a part of the island style.
You will find these slow life-style ways everywhere just around the Olivean Shodoshima Yuhigaoka Hotel.

Village of Soy Sauce

Village of “Soy Sauce”

Shodo Island’s soy sauce production was born over 400 years ago. Shodo Island’s Soy Sauce is still handmade in the old-fashioned wood barrel.

There are several private brands’ soy sauce factories on the island and they are just like wineries.

In Shodoshima, there are over 1000 wood barrels. The Japan’s biggest Soy sauce village where you can experience the 400 years of history and craftsmanship in soy sauce.

Movie Village of Twenty-Four Eyes

Movie Village of “Twenty-Four Eyes”

“Twenty-Four Eyes” is a movie based on the novel by Skae Tsuboi about a school teacher struggles to imbue her students with a positive view of the world and their place in it.

The movie has been widely loved by Japanese people. This movie village displays several memorable scenes and sets that can be regarded as uniquely Japanese.

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

URL: Eyes

Japan’s Leading Olive Producer

Japan’s Leading Olive Producer

Shodoshima is known as a leading olive producer where Japan’s first olive cultivation originated here on the island.

Shodoshima Olive is well-known for its high quality raised in a mild climate throughout the year which is perfect for olive cultivation.

At the time olives blossom, the fields are filled with white pretty flowers.

Harvest Festivals are held at the time of harvest.

You’d see olive trees everywhere once you arrive at Shodoshima.

One of Japan’s Best 3 Beauty of the Valley of Autumn Leaves

One of Japan’s Best 3 Beauty of the Valley of Autumn Leaves – Kankakei

One of the 3 beauty of the valleys

Enjoy the colors of the seasons of autumn leaves and fresh greens of spring produced by 50 different types of plants up in the nature’s own rocky mountain.

Of all, foliage of Kankakei is famous for its beauty.

World’s Longest Railway And Road Double Structured Bridge

World’s Longest Railway And Road Double Structured Bridge Between Mainland And Shikoku Island

World’s longest (13.1 km) railway and road combined bridge linking mainland and Shikoku Island across the Seto Inland Sea.

In a double structured bridges, road runs over the railway connecting islands in the Seto Inland Sea represents vigor and beauty.

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