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Q. Do you have any room available even though it says "Booked" on the website?

A.  Most of the time, rooms are booked as it states. However, we might be able to offer some rooms because there is a difference between actual number of rooms and rooms we offer on the internet. Please contact us by phone for details.
TEL: +81-87-965-2311

Q.  How many guests can stay in one room?

A.  A Western style sunset side room accommodates up to 4 guests, and a sunrise side room accommodates up to 3 guests.
There are 10 rooms of a Japanese style room that accommodate up to 5 guests and 3 rooms of a Japanese style room that accommodate up to 4 guests.
Bedrooms of both a Japanese style room and western style room accommodate up to 3 guests.
Japanese western style room accommodates up to 5 guests.

» Rooms

Q. What are the rates for children?

A.  Based on a rate for adult, rates are 70% off (Child A) for a child between the ages of 9 and 12 and 50% off (Child B) for a child between the ages of 4 and 8.
For example, when an adult rate is JPY 15,000, a child rate is JPY 10,500 for the ages of 9 to 12, and JPY 7,500 for the ages of 4 to 8.
For a set of bed or futon, it is JPY 4,620.
For a child between the ages of 3 years to 6 years with no meal and sharing a bed, JPY 1,575 (Inc. tax) is charged as a facility use fee. (Free for a child under 3 years old)

» List of Basic Room Rates

Q. What is the price of additional bed?

A.  Extra bed is available at the rate of JPY 4,620 (inc. tax and service fee). Please note that we have limited number of extra beds.

Q. What is the price of baby bed?

A.  Baby bed is available at free of charge. (Size: 60×100cm)
Please note that we have limited number of baby beds.

Q. Can I request a view and floor number of a room?

A.  Yes, we will take your request at the time of booking. We will do our best to meet your request. Please note that we might not be able to make arrangement based on your requests depending on a reservation status.

Q. What are check-in and Check-out time?

A.  Check-in time is 2:30 p.m. and check-out time is 11:00 a.m.

Q. Can I check in early? Can I check in late?

A.  Depending on a reservation status, we can arrange it on a fee basis. Please contact the front desk.

Q. Do you have connecting rooms?

A.  We have a connecting room on the first floor. You can use the sunrise side Japanese style room and western style room as a connecting room.
Please note that the views of connecting room are not as good as other rooms.

Q. Can I reserve a non-smoking room?

A.  Yes. Simply inform us at the time of booking.
However, we might not be able to make arrangement based on your requests depending on a reservation status. In that case, we will deodorize the room using an ozone deodorization.

Q. What is your Cancellations policy?

A.  Penalty fees for cancellation will be charged with the following rate based on basic rates.

[Cancellation fees]
4 days prior to a reserved date0%
3 days to 1 day prior to a reserved date20%
Same day80%
Q. Which credit cards do you accept?

A.  We accept JCB, Visa, DC, UC, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Saison and JAL. Depending on a package or travel agency, payment must be made in cash only. Please read through pamphlets for payment information.

Q. Can I send my luggage via parcel delivery service before check-in?

A.  Yes. Please send your luggage to the hotel with your name and the scheduled check-in date. We are more than happy to store your luggage until arrival.

Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima
Address: Yuhigaoka,Shodo-shima,Kagawa-ken
TEL: +81-87-965-2311
Q. Can I make a payment at the check-in? Is deposit required?

A.  Currently, we do not require deposit for booking.
Please note that advance payment is required at the check-in when a reservation is made on a same day.

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Guest rooms

Q. What is a size of bed?

A.  The basic bed size is a semi double bed.

  • Semi double bed195×120cm
  • King double bed240×195cm
  • Hollywood twin195×240cm
  • Additional bed190×84cm
  • Baby bed110×60cm
Q. Do you have VCR and CD/MD player in the room?

A.  No. We do not have any VCR and CD/MD player installed in the room.

Q. Can I put together two twin beds?

A.  We can arrange a Hollywood twin type room with putting 2 beds together. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Q. What is a bathroom like?

A.  Bath and toilet of guest rooms are in a same room (unit type). The Japanese style room with sunset view has separated bath and toilet.
The step between a room and bathroom is 8cm for the west wing and 1cm for the east wing.

Q. Do you have a large communal bath or natural hot spring?

A.  Our large communal bath and outdoor hot spring bath are located in the basement of the guest room building.

[Overview of the large communal bath and outdoor hot spring bath]
Hours 12 p.m.-1 a.m. / 5 a.m.-10 a.m.
  • * We do not switch bath for men and women.
  • * Towels are prepared in the rooms. Please bring them with you to the Big Bath.
Spring quality/temperature of hot springAlkaline simple hot spring / 42.7 degrees C
Effectsneuralgia, muscle ache, arthritis, chronic digestive disease, motor paralysis, cold constitution, relieving of fatigue etc.
CharacteristicThe spring water smoothes your skin and warm the body. High thermal effects.
Sauna Olivean's sauna is a called "clima sauna", the third clima sauna in Japan, the first in western Japan. This new type of sauna has a characteristic of low-temperature and humidity, and it is gentle for skin. The setting is at 80 degrees C and 15% of humidity. The hours of operation are between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Q. Do you have a Yukata?

A.  In every guest room, we offer pajama.
We have varieties of size, 1 size for children under 120 cm tall and 3 sizes(M / L / LL) for adults.

Q.  Do the rooms have internet access?

A.  No. The rooms do not have internet access.
However, we have a computer for internet access at lobby available at free of charge.
Also, wired LAN and wireless LAN access are available at lobby.

Q. Do you have barrier free rooms?

A.  No. Currently we do not have barrier free rooms. However, the western style room with a sunset view has a bathroom entrance with 1cm gap with a bedroom. Depending on a type of wheelchair, the room provides convenience for wheelchair.
There are slopes installed in the hotel to allow wheelchair access easier.

Q. Do you sell amenities?

A.  Please contact the front desk.

Q. Can I bring a pet?

A.  Yes.As pet-friendly rooms, there are two western style rooms and two Japanese style rooms available.
In case that pet-friendly rooms are not available, we offer nearby pet hotels.

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Q. If I arrive early, can I use facilities such as table tennis and patter golf?

A.  Yes.
No reservation required for patter golf. For use of tennis court and table tennis, please make a reservation in advance. If there is any opening, you can use without booking.

Q. Can I connect to internet at the hotel?

A.  We have a computer for internet access at lobby available at free of charge.
Also, wired LAN and wireless LAN access are available at lobby.
However, we do not have any power for computers.
We do not have any rental devices.

Q. Do you have baby bed?

A.  We have baby bed available at free of charge. Please let us know at the time of booking. (Please note that we have limited number of baby beds.)
Each restaurant has a microwave. Please inform the staff. There is a electric pot in a room.

Q. Is submission required to participate in events?

A.  Yes. Please submit in advance.
We recommended letting us know at the time of booking. Some popular events will not be available once it reached a capacity.

Q. Can I walk around the hotel in Yukata (house robe) and slippers?

A.  Yes.
However, Slippers are not allowed in the outdoor barbecue area (seasonalrestaurant).

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Q. Do you have courtesy bus from a JR station?

A.  We offer scheduled courtesy buses from Tonosho harbor.

» Access

Q. Is there any golf course by the hotel?

A.  There is a golf course located just 50 minutes away from the hotel.

Q. Do you offer discount tickets for leisure facilities?

A.  We are afraid that we do not have any discount tickets available.

Q. How do I access to neighboring sightseeing facilities?

A.  Please use route buses. Timetable is available at the front desk.
Since there are a limited number of buses, please use taxi depending on time. Please ask as for the fare. We also have two rent-a-cars available for our guests. Please contact the front desk. However, valid driver's license is required for rental.

Q. Do you have a parking space? How much?

A.  We offer parking spaces for 150 cars at free of charge.
However, please note that it is an outdoor parking space.

Q. Should I bring tire chains?

A.  Please note that some areas require tire chains. There might be accumulated snow in the mountain area of Shodoshima between mid January and early February. If there are sunny days, snow will melt away but the surface of the roads might freeze at night. In some cases, the roads at the mountain area might be closed to traffic.

Q. I would like to take a scheduled tour bus. Do you have a courtesy bus at the pickup point?

A.  Yes.

For an A course, we will take you to the bus stop by Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima. We advise you to ride the bus from there and take a courtesy bus from Tonosho Harbor to return to the hotel.

For B course, we will come to the bus stop to pick you up if you get off the bus at the bus stop in front of Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima. However, it is close to get to the final destination Choshikei Gorge from Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima, so please ask for the departure time in advance before getting off at Choshikei Gorge. We might not be able to pick you up on time if you call us at the time of departure.

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Q. I would like to celebrate a birthday. Can you arrange cakes and other special requests?

A.  Please contact the hotel's reservations desk with your request prior to arrival.
For a whole shortcake, JPY 4,042 for 15cm, JPY 5,197 for 18cm, JPY 6,325 for 21cm, JPY 8,085 for 24cm, and JPY 9,817 for 27cm.
The price is inclusive of tax and service fee. Feel free to consult us for other special requests.
] Please provide us name and age of the person. We also have candles and arrange flower arrangements(JPY 3,150up) etc.

Q. My arrival may be delayed. Is it OK?

A.  We are more than happy to wait for your arrival.
Please contact the hotel directly if you expect to arrive after 6 p.m.
We are looking forward to your arrival safely.

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